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11 spiritual truths that will help heal humanity

The world is rapidly shifting into a new level of consciousness that embodies love, peace and harmony.  It is no coincidence that you are alive at this important time in human history, as more and more souls are choosing to incarnate and assist with this transition into a new earth.  Below are 11 spiritual truths that will heal humanity and help us with our evolution.  Live these truths daily and watch as your life is transformed forever.

1)  We are one

One of the biggest causes of pain in humans comes from the idea that we are separate from everyone and everything.  Life becomes a battleground of constant attempts to prove ourselves worthy to other people and to stand out from the crowd.  We compete for the best jobs, the most money, and even the perfect partner.  How many times have you heard the saying “all the good men are taken?”  We can become consumed by our ego, which is responsible for our sense of personal identity and self-importance, and we forget that we are more than our earthly bodies, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

Only when we step back and really look at humanity as a whole do we realise how connected we truly are.  We are droplets of water that make up the ocean, candles that burn together to make up the sun.  We are all part of a bigger consciousness that flows through everything – animals, plants, rocks, and insects.  We are consciousness itself, we are the universe.

When we embrace this truth we find that we approach other beings with kindness, love and a greater understanding.  We know that the challenges others face are no different from the challenges of our own; that animals are also here for their own spiritual growth and are not simply for our own use. We all have love to give and wisdom to share, lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome.  Understanding that we are all in this together and here for the same purpose brings forth a greater appreciation for friendships, life, and the flow of consciousness in this magnificent universe.

2)  Love is limitless and comes in abundance

As human beings, we have preconditioned feelings about love and what it must mean to be in a state of love.  We believe that there is a limited amount of love to give and receive, and with this in mind we are extra careful with whom we choose to fall in love with, either clinging to the lovers we do have out of fear of losing them, or we are too afraid to open our hearts in case our love is not returned.  It’s almost as if it is some kind of fantastical prize to love and be loved, that only the most deserving win, and only the most skilful maintain.  Our society has conditioned us to believe that love is associated with being successful – if you have a partner and a good job, you are doing life right.

The truth is that in our purest form as spiritual beings, we are love. Our highest thought, our kindest action, the pride we feel for ourselves when we succeed – that is love. Love is not something that is limited to a particular individual, the result of some ego-stroking action, or something that is bound by any rules. Love is a state of being that can’t be explained by logic.  Love stands the test of time and cannot be switched on and off like a lightbulb. You can’t love someone one minute and then hate them the next because of something they said or did. That is not love, that is emotion, and emotion is always shifting. Love is always there and you can never lose it because how can you lose something that you simply are?

The most important love of all is the love that you give yourself. When you love yourself unconditionally for who you are, you are inviting others to do the same. Love in freedom and without condition and watch in wonder as that love is returned back to you.

3)  Life is not a discovery but a creation

Many of us believe that the events in our life are pre-determined for us by some higher power, that we have an unavoidable fate that has to be fulfilled.  We may even visit a clairvoyant who tells us about our future, which only reinforces our belief that the future is set in stone.  We may feel like our life is out of our control, and our current circumstances are something that cannot be changed: we will always be poor, we will always be sick, or we will always be stuck in that toxic relationship. That’s just the way it is, and that is the plan for us.

The greatest truth is that life is not a process of discovering who you are, but a process of creating who you want to be.  We do not live each day to discover what it holds for us, but to create it instead.  After all, the future does not exist until it is our present moment.  Take inspiration in this truth and know that absolutely anything you want in life is possible.  Listen to the truth in your heart and act from that truth with passion and love, and you will soon be creating the life of your dreams.

4)  The law of attraction teaches us that thought is creative

There is much written about the law of attraction, which teaches us that we can manifest positive change in our life by focusing on “like for like” thoughts. The concept is that everything in our physical reality is vibration, including thought. By changing our thoughts to better coincide with the reality we would like to live, we are aligning our vibration with that reality and can, therefore, make it true for ourselves.

The universal truth is that thought is creative, and every time you have a thought you are putting out vibration for more of that to manifest into your life. For example, statements like “I never have enough money” and “I am unlucky in love” put out strong vibrations that will only cause more of those exact feelings to manifest in your life. You are subconsciously asking the universe for more of the exact thing you don’t want! A change in perception such as “I am rich” and “I am loved by everyone” will send out new vibration properly aligning you with the reality you dream of.

As Buddha said, “what we think, we become.” How you perceive the world around you always depend on the thoughts you have about it. Remember that thoughts lead to words which lead to action. If you struggle to change your thoughts, simply change your action first as your thoughts will soon follow.

5)  Life is a balance of the good and bad

Many spiritual teachers focus on embracing the light and avoid talking about how the shadow side of our personality (which contains all of the fear, pain and repressed desires we have denied within ourselves) is an important part of being human.  While learning to embrace the light is a wonderful teaching that returns us all to our true source of being, it’s not realistic to go through life simply smiling and chirping at birds all day like a Disney princess.  We are all living a human experience and our body is a vessel for both positive and negative energies to flow.  When we try to close doors to keep out negative energy we are also denying the positive energy to flow.  Life is about allowing all doors to be open, and being aware and willing to experience all that is being presented to you.

6)  The only time that matters is now

Unhappiness is caused by a resistance to the present moment. It’s important to remember that the past is only a memory, and the future is merely a dream. The only moment that matters is now and how you are feeling in the now.

Reminiscing about the past is no more valuable than spending your days in a constant dream state about the future. The concept of past and future are both illusions, because when the future “arrives” it will be your present moment anyway, and the past was once a present moment. Constantly dreaming of the “future” is making whatever dream you have consistently out of reach.

7)  We encompass both masculine and feminine energy

The world has been battling gender issues since the beginning of time, with men and women fighting for power over and over again throughout humanity’s history. Today we are still living in a planet where men are generally considered the stronger gender by most cultures, however, history has shown that humanity has in the past been in a female-dominated society. Issues surrounding gender identity are also more relevant than ever as more and more people are no longer identifying with their assigned gender at birth, and living their truth as trans or gender fluid people.

An important truth is that as spiritual beings we are neither male nor female, and it is only when we come to earth do we manifest physically as one gender. I wrote an article back in March detailing on this subject, and the importance of finding a balance between the two energies.

8)  We are more than our mind

Our mind is a wonderful tool, but sometimes we can become trapped in negative thoughts and over thinking.  When we are engulfed in negative emotion, we forget who we really are.  We forget that we are a three-part being – mind, body and soul, and while our mind makes up a part of us while we are here on Earth, we are really much more than those thoughts.

Consider the following explanation:  If I can witness something then I am not that something.  Take a book for example.  When we hold a book in our hand and look at it, we are witnessing that book, and we are not that book.  We can also be a witness to our hands, our arms, our legs, our body – so, in turn, we are not our body.  Now take our thoughts – if we have a thought and then think about having that thought, we are a witness to those thoughts and our mind.  And of course being a witness means that we are not our mind.

Remember this truth whenever you are consumed with negative thoughts.  You can either listen to that voice and fuel the pain with more negative thoughts, or you can choose to release it and replace it with a new voice with better thoughts.  Thought always leads to words which lead to action.  Why not make sure they are positive?

9)  You are complete

Many people are constantly looking for validation and happiness outside themselves – be that though a partner, their work, religion, or even hobbies. They never feel content because they are constantly striving for the “next best thing,” the “next best feeling” or even the “next best person.”

The truth is that you are already whole, you are already complete, you are already perfect. Anything belief otherwise is just an illusion you have created yourself. You don’t need another person to complete you because how can you complete something that is already perfect? How can you finish a puzzle that is already done?

You don’t need to be different than you already are, for a particular person to love you, or perhaps even to reach “enlightenment” in order to be complete. Embrace yourself as is, love yourself unconditionally and others will be invited to do the same. A romantic partner should be there to share the wild ride on the rollercoaster which is life, not be the controller.

10)  Every moment is impermanent

We live in a world of energetic creation in which our emotions, thoughts and actions are constantly being influenced by the shifting energies of other people, animals, and even the weather. Have you ever met someone whose bad mood has affected your own? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed someone who is so jolly and infectious that their happiness puts everyone they come into contact with in a good mood? Both are perfect examples of how our energies are constantly shifting and influencing each other.

An important truth is that no moment is ever permanent, as the energies will always change. No matter how terrible you might feel now, no matter how much grief you might be going through, know that it won’t be forever.  Everything comes to an end eventually, even mourning.

Every moment of your life happens for a purpose, and for your greatest good. Sometimes we don’t know what we are being protected from or where we are being guided to when in the midst of chaos. Put your trust in the universe and know that you are on the right track. When going through hard times remember the old saying “this too, shall pass.”

11)  Everyone is living their own truth from their own perspective

While we are connected in the spirit world as one consciousness, when coming to earth we have agreed to amnesia so that we can experience the ups and downs of discovering ourselves as creators in an energy-driven physical world. We are therefore all experiencing life through differing energy densities, or “vibration.” Some people vibrate at a similar rate to yourself, which generally you gravitate to and become friends, while others you may clash with because they vibrate at a different level. True wisdom is to understand that everyone on earth is living their life from their own unique perspective and level of understanding. No way of life is more righteous than the other, no religion superior to another, and no teacher more correct than the next.

Even the teachings I am writing about here are just one particular perspective, and at the end of the day, it’s about embracing what resonates most with your being. Whether that is a Christian god, goddess, Buddha, angels, or the universe, all are wonderful teachings that at their very core embrace love, peace and unity.

Live your truth, treat others with kindness and understand that there are infinite ways of seeing things. When you understand that everyone is evolving at their own pace and approaching life in a unique way, you become more tolerant and accepting of opinions that differ from your own. After all, everything is perspective, and understanding this will help you spread love to everyone.

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