The spiritual evolution of animals

Many of us believe that animals are inferior to humans, simply here to serve us, when really we are each other’s source for love and inspiration.  Animals not only have souls but they are on their own unique spiritual path very similar to our own.  It’s only by opening our minds are we able to see the important role we play in animals’ spiritual evolution, as well as the important role they play in ours. 177 total views, 2 views today

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5 spiritual lessons we learned from Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns is the much-awaited sequel to the classic 1964 musical by Walt Disney.  The new film features original music by Marc Shaiman and is riddled with wonderful messages and spiritual truths for children and adults alike, many of these truths buried in the song lyrics.  Let’s have a closer look at some of the spiritual lessons we learned in Mary Poppins Returns. 366 total views, 3 views today

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11 spiritual truths that will help heal humanity

The world is rapidly shifting into a new level of consciousness that embodies love, peace and harmony.  It is no coincidence that you are alive at this important time in human history, as more and more souls are choosing to incarnate and assist with this transition into a new earth.  Below are 11 spiritual truths that will heal humanity and help us with our evolution.  Live these truths daily and watch as your life is transformed forever. 396 total views, 5 views today

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Taking it with a grain of salt: a revealing look at psychics and how our free will makes the future impossible to predict

Visiting a psychic can be wonderfully helpful to those who feel they are at a crossroads in life and need some guidance. However, there should be some caution taken when putting too much faith or reliance on a psychic’s words, as by doing so we are handing the power over to them and allowing their words to alter our thoughts and decisions, which can sometimes have damaging results. 720 total views, 5 views today

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The Little Soul and the Sun

This is a wonderful little children’s story written by Neale Donald Walsch, author of the “Conversations with God” series.  I wanted to include this story on my Website because of the beautiful and important message it conveys about forgiveness. 1,763 total views, 2 views today

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Music is a powerful tool of creation

Everything you see in our physical world is energy and is vibrating at a particular frequency. Because we are also energetic beings we are constantly influenced by the vibrations around us, usually in the form of other people but also animals, objects, and sounds. Music is a particularly powerful form of vibration that can influence the way we see the world. 2,273 total views, 4 views today

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The incestuous nature of the modern day gay friendship circle

Today there is a blurring of the lines between platonic friendship, sexual attraction, and even romantic love amongst gay male friends.  Can having intimate relations with your friends cause unnecessary drama and heartache, or is having sex with friends a purely positive experience, one that will enhance an already loving bond between two people? 2,566 total views, 5 views today

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