Music is a powerful tool of creation

Everything you see in our physical world is energy and is vibrating at a particular frequency. Because we are also energetic beings we are constantly influenced by the vibrations around us, usually in the form of other people but also animals, objects, and sounds. Music is a particularly powerful form of vibration that can influence the way we see the world.

Music is a vibration

Music is vibrating at a frequency that can be most felt by humans.  By listening to different styles of music we can alter our own vibration, and therefore our thoughts and feelings.  When you hold your hand over a speaker you will physically feel the vibration from the music coming through; the “omph” from a thick dance bass will echo through your entire being.  Anyone who has been to a nightclub before will feel the amazing energetic atmosphere which is created from the DJ’s pumping dance music.  Imagine a nightclub that decided to play slow ballads and elevator music on their dance floor – I can guarantee such a place would not survive!

Music as a mood enhancer

It’s important to understand that music has the power to enhance our mood.  We play sad songs when we are feeling sad, and happy songs when we are feeling happy.  Who has gone through a breakup before and blasted the most miserable ballad they could find, singing along and feeling like you’ll never be happy again?  Or perhaps when you are extremely happy all you want to listen to is your favourite feel-good pop-song on repeat.  Those songs are matching your vibration and enhancing your mood.

Am I suggesting that we don’t listen to sad music? Absolutely not. There are times that sad music is just what we need, what our soul yearns for. When we go through a hard time we need to feel the emotions fully within our being, in order to transcend it.  Blocking out and not acknowledging feelings is the worst thing we can do as it just bottles it up and we are then required to deal with it at a later date, or even in a later lifetime.  Music can help us express our emotions and feel them completely within our being.

Music as a mood changer

As well as enhancing our mood, music has the power to change it.  It can move us to tears, make us angry, soulful, joyous, sad, passionate, loving, hateful.  It can make us forgive, it can make us hold grudges (just listen to anything by Taylor Swift and you’ll know what I mean), it can inspire us… and practically any other emotion you can think of.

Music can be an extremely powerful creator in our life, as the emotion we feel from a song is affecting our own vibration.  When we listen to a sad song after a breakup, we are vibrating at a low level, and the law of attraction gives us more of that feeling in our life. When we listen to happy music, we are vibrating at a high rate and as a result, will attract more of that in our life.

Be aware of music as a creator

Musicians put their heart and soul into their songs, expressing raw emotion that is almost always personal on some level. When we really listen to their music, and I mean listen to it properly, particularly the lyrics, we are connecting with the emotion expressed in that song on a very personal level.

The main point I want to get across with this article is that we should be aware of the power that music can have in our life.  Everything is energy in motion, and since music itself is a vibration it can be an extremely useful tool for changing our own vibration.

If you would like more happiness in your life, listen to happy and energetic music which is vibrating at a higher frequency, as opposed to sad music which is of a lower frequency and will attract more sadness.

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