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Taking it with a grain of salt: a revealing look at psychics and how our free will makes the future impossible to predict

Visiting a psychic can be wonderfully helpful to those who feel they are at a crossroads in life and need some guidance. However, there should be some caution taken when putting too much faith or reliance on a psychic’s words, as by doing so we are handing the power over to them and allowing their words to alter our thoughts and decisions, which can sometimes have damaging results.

In this article, I want to explore the world of psychic phenomena, what it means to be clairvoyant, as well as some cautions associated with having readings.  This is not an article debunking clairvoyance, which is a very real ability, nor is it an article aimed at sceptics to try and convince them that such abilities exist.  I am writing this article from the viewpoint of a believer to other believers who want to better understand this fascinating topic, and approach readings in a way that will most benefit them and their soul journey.

Understanding psychic phenomena

Basically, in understanding psychic phenomena you need to first grasp two truths: that everything is energy; and all time is occurring at once.

Everything in our world is made up of energy; our thoughts, our bodies, the objects we touch, animals, plants – absolutely everything.  All of these energy sources are vibrating at a particular frequency that can be felt by other people and other objects.  Some people are particularly sensitive to these frequencies, and they are known as sensitives, or psychics.

Have you ever walked into the room and felt the hostile energy of the people in there, perhaps two people are not speaking to each other and there is a build up of negative energy in the room?  You might say that “you could cut the air with a knife?”  This is a perfect illustration of the power of energy in a room as felt by your sixth sense.  While you can’t see it, it most definitely can be felt and has a huge effect over you and others in the room.

Think of psychic ability as an exaggerated version of this example.  As well as the awkward feeling of wanting to cut the air with a knife, a psychic person might also tune into other information related to the two people’s situation, such as images and words.

All time is occurring at once

Time in a linear sense is a manmade concept and it’s actually much more convoluted and complex that one could imagine.  Conversations With God explains past, present and future as being “stacked” on top of the other, rather than a straight line as we know it.  Since everything is happening at once, and everything that could occur has already occurred, a psychic can tell you what has happened in your past, what is happening now, and what could happen in your future based off your current energy and the thoughts and feelings you have now.

While everything that could ever occur has already occurred, those occurrences can just as easily shift when you shift your energy.  This means that your thoughts and feelings today not only have a direct effect on the present moment, but they also change the future that is constantly shifting as well. published a fantastic article explaining how psychic ability works which I recommend you read.

We are all psychic

Every one of us has the potential to tap into psychic energy. In actual fact we all have six senses, rather than the known five: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and knowing.  Knowing is a sense of intuition, and is the sense we listen to the least.  Intuition is the sense of the soul (Conversations with God, Book 3).

Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone or a situation that you dismissed as being silly?  Perhaps a situation you felt deep down is not right, and later discovered that you were right in thinking that?  That is your intuition speaking, your sixth sense.  Everyone has intuition, a knowing sense, but not very many pay attention to it.

Like a muscle, it is possible to develop your sixth sense, just as it is possible to gain muscle at the gym through training, or to develop your singing voice.  Like a talent, some people are born more in tune to their sixth senses, and most of those people reported having paranormal skills in childhood that they chose to practise and develop.

Understanding clairvoyance

Often people refer to psychics who can tell the future as “clairvoyants.”  Clairvoyance” itself actually refers to clear seeing in which a psychic will receive messages in the form of pictures in their mind. There are many other types of psychic abilities which also fall into this “knowing” category.  These are:  clairsentience (clear feeling through emotion and physical sensation), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing).  Psychic Readings Guide explains these intuitive abilities in more detail, as well as two lesser known abilities: clairalience (clear smelling) and clairgustance (clear tasting). 

A good psychic usually has a combination of these abilities, meaning they receive messages through a combination of senses.

Seeing a psychic for guidance can be helpful

Seeing a psychic for guidance can be wonderfully helpful, particularly if you feel you are at a crossroad in life. A psychic can offer you helpful insight about your situation, seeing things from a new angle that you may not have considered before.

A psychic is great at telling you about possibilities, offering you insight on a new path you could potentially be taking.  Their readings are based on your current energy, feelings and thoughts, and they will be happy to tell you about things that they see are close to manifestation in your future.  A psychic can also help you understand your current karmic conditions, look at the likely outcomes of potential decisions, and read into the energy of your relationships.

Psychics are pressured into telling the future

When someone visits a psychic, usually it’s because they have questions about their future that they want to have answered. Will I get that job I’ve always dreamed of? Marry the man I love? Have children?

When a psychic feels the energy of a client they will usually see several possible futures for that person in their aura. A good clairvoyant will explain these different paths to the client and that it is up to them which path they choose to take. However, not many people come to a psychic wanting to know they have a choice. They want to know what the future holds as they believe there is only one.

The pressure placed on a psychic to tell the future leads them to tell the client the future they believe is most likely to occur, based off of their current energy. A psychic who says there are many possible futures wouldn’t be as reputable as one who successfully predicts just one, and a clairvoyant who wants to gain revenue and success is aware of this.

Most people will be satisfied to hear about their future as they believe there is only one predetermined destiny that they have no control over changing. Unfortunately, these people are missing one of the most important truths – that life is not a discovery but a creation.

Life is not a discovery but a creation

“Life is a creation, not a discovery.  You do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, but to create it.”
Neale Donald Walsch

Life is not a discovery of some predetermined fate.  Our future is constantly being created, through our choices of thoughts, feelings and actions that are happening now in the present moment.

We are constantly changing and evolving. Who we are today is not who we were yesterday. Our future is changing constantly with every thought, word and action. As our energy shifts, so too does our future.

Everyone has free will

A true psychic knows that every soul on earth has free will. This free will comes in the form of thoughts, beliefs and actions, and will always shape the reality that the person lives, and as a result the future that they make for themselves.

It’s my belief that psychics cannot actually predict the future, but they can predict a future.  A true sensitive will see many potential futures in a person’s aura, and if they are honest they will always tell the person that at the end of the day, it’s their free will that will control what future they create.

There is no predetermined future that we are destined for, but an infinite number of possible futures.  We live in a world of energetic creation where every belief, thought and action we take determines the reality we live.  It is up to us which path we walk, and while a clairvoyant can guess which path you may take based on your current energy, that energy is always changing, and only we can decide what is going to happen in our future.  Your free will to make decisions and choices, as well as the free will of other people, can easily skew the future a clairvoyant sees and send you down a completely new path.

Psychics may influence our decisions

When we put our faith in a clairvoyant we are inadvertently giving them power over our lives to influence decisions that we may not have made otherwise. Often this influence can be helpful, but other times it can be dangerous and damaging, particularly if their advice leads you to take a path that is not right for you.

I have a friend who took the advice of a clairvoyant to invest thousands of dollars in mining. Unfortunately, the mining company collapsed and he not only lost everything but now has thousands of dollars in debt that he cannot pay off.

Another friend who was experiencing problems in her relationship due to a cheating boyfriend asked a clairvoyant if they would stay together. The clairvoyant said he would change his ways and they would stay together.  So she took the advice of the clairvoyant and stayed with him.  After one year, he didn’t change and they eventually broke up after he was caught sleeping with her best friend. Had she listened to the truth she knew within, she may not have spent a whole year unhappy and missing opportunities to date the right guy.

While these may be severe examples of psychic guidance gone wrong, it does highlight the fact that clairvoyance is not 100% accurate.  Remember, psychics are human too and they can make mistakes.

Psychics aren’t always accurate

It’s important to remember that psychics are human too, and they can make mistakes.  Boston Intuitive published a fascinating article detailing 8 reasons why psychics are not 100% accurate.

Psychic sense is like a muscle which can be overworked. If they are working it too hard with too many different readings in a day, they can become ultra sensitive to the energies and less accurate in their readings. I have had some psychics come to me with extremely bizarre and convoluted suggestions before. In these cases the psychic needs to take a break and ground themselves.

Psychics should come from a place of neutrality, and should remain detached to a situation. If a psychic is telling you to take particular action, be wary. They could be coming from a place of personal opinion rather than spiritual guidance, and their suggestions could have damaging results in your life if those actions are not coming from a place of your own personal truth. Always look inside yourself and ask “How does this make me feel? Does this feel true for me?” Your intuition always has the right answers; go with what feels right in your gut.

Information can be misinterpreted

The information a psychic receives about you usually comes in the form of images, words and sounds, and it is up to them how they interpret that information.  It’s not uncommon for information to be misinterpreted or explained inaccurately, perhaps due to a clairvoyant’s own personal bias or opinion about the topic.

For example, a clairvoyant may see love between you and a friend and predict that it will be the beginning of a new romantic relationship.  They were right in seeing a love connection but failed to see that it was more platonic in nature, and therefore a romantic relationship would be unlikely to occur.  Or maybe they see a new car in your future, and suggest that you are going to buy one soon. That car may simply be a friend’s whom you ride in briefly, but the clairvoyant interpreted at yours.

The images a psychic receives could have a hundred different meanings, and be interpreted in a hundred different ways.

There is a process to every outcome

In a way, clairvoyance is like seeing a 10-second excerpt from a movie.  You get a quick preview of an outcome but are not sure how to get there or how long it might take.  Often clairvoyants can get so hooked on the outcome itself, that they fail to tell the client that there is still a process that must be taken to get to it – thoughts that must be thought, words that must be spoken, and actions that must be taken.

It’s very easy to get attached to an outcome that a clairvoyant tells you about, particularly if it is something that you want very much.  Unfortunately, as the law of attraction teaches us, wanting something only creates more wanting, and by clinging to an outcome we are inadvertently pushing it further and further away from manifesting in our reality.

You are your own best spiritual guide

Seeing a psychic can be helpful if you want some insight into your current situation, and an idea of potential paths you might be in the process of taking.  However, it’s important to remember that nothing a clairvoyant tells you is ever set in stone, and with your free will you always have the power to create your own future and potentially change anything a psychic tells you will happen in your life.

“The only future we can know as being true is the future that is no longer our future but our present moment.”
– Our Queer Universe

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