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The Human Heart and the Spiritual Heart

The important differences between the human heart and the spiritual heart, and the spiritual seeker’s search for resolution.

The Human Heart

The human Heart is conditional. It can be open or closed, Loving or withholding of Love. It can Judge some situations harshly and embrace others. It can Love some people and not others. The human Heart can Love then be subject to dishonesty or betrayal, and in a flash not Love and become conditional.

For better or worse, it is our destiny as human beings to experience all of the aspects of the human Heart. Our experiences are meant to keep us present in our life. They subject us to feelings of Bliss and also those that make us retreat in pain. This is the gift of duality! It is the knowledge of what we label ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that shows us where to travel next. We can choose to stay with our suffering and misaligned intentions – or we can choose to chase the Blissful feelings we have tasted. A third choice would be to choose to evolve through all of our experiences – those that are painful and those that are blissful.

The Spiritual Heart

When the spiritual Heart determines that Love is needed, the request is not examined for its validity. Love is freely given regardless of the circumstances. Not only is it spontaneously given, it is absolutely unconditionally given.

When the spiritual Heart gives, it does not require Gratitude or even Acceptance. To require either would make the gesture conditional and the spiritual Heart has no knowledge of agenda. It only knows to share Loving Compassion when it is awakened to the need for it. It shares its gifts unconditionally – and it does so easily and spontaneously because it is always open.

The Spiritual Seeker’s Search for Resolution

The spiritual seeker longs to be open and Loving to a fault, but still lives on Earth where the potential for Judgment and conditional Love are also options. Most seekers live in both worlds traveling blissful, as well as, uncomfortable terrain. Duality gives us both options – not to show us the error of our Earthly choices but because we need both experiences for our personal evolution on a soul level – and because we can not feel Compassionate unless we witness pain and suffering with our eyes and Heart open.

It is how we manage a challenge that determines our success not the actual choice we make – because in truth, any intention to offer Compassion to self or others is a good one.

The spiritual Heart chooses Love easily. It gives us clarity and easy passage. But in our Earthly lives, we do not always choose Love when challenged. Sometimes we choose to Judge and travel in darkness – always for the sake of evolution.

As spiritual seekers, if we do not consciously choose our direction, we will be led to a place where we will see the gift in our choices. We will not feel victimized because our Trust will be deep and wide.

Wherever we journey, however we get there, we know we are traveling exactly where we need to go to fulfill our personal goals.

This is something the spiritual seeker must understand to feel fulfilled:

We can not choose incorrectly. We are always being guided to exactly where we need to go and to exactly what we need to see to evolve. This happens because it is what we declared when we decided to evolve spiritually. It is important that we allow ourselves to be present in whatever unfolds in our lives, and to ask truthfully and without Judgment, the quintessential question – “Why am I here?”

If we lack Self-Compassion, we will probably find this difficult to do.

It is Self-Compassion that motivates us to see beyond the choices that derail us without derision – and to choose a new direction.

If we can feel Self-Compassion no matter what configures in our own personal lives, we can make it the motivation for The Answer.

Written by Corinne S. Ramage, Leader in True Wellness® Studies
Creator of The Spiritual Healthcare Network of online programs
Author of “Compassion Alive and Meaningful”

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