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The spiritual evolution of animals

Many of us believe that animals are inferior to humans, simply here to serve us, when really we are each other’s source for love and inspiration.  Animals not only have souls but they are on their own unique spiritual path very similar to our own.  It’s only by opening our minds are we able to see the important role we play in animals’ spiritual evolution, as well as the important role they play in ours.

Explained simply, we all fragments of one large consciousness, known as the “God Source.” It’s a universal truth that all living creatures – humans, animals, insects, and plants – are all part of the Source; we are all One.  Earth is a planet we come to in order to experience low vibration emotions, such as separation, loss and fear – emotions which are difficult (if not impossible) to explore in the spiritual world and other planets of a higher vibration.  Separation is an illusion created by ego and varying densities of energetic vibration.  Humans have developed a high sense of self-awareness, or a large ego, which has led to higher intelligence but also a greater delusion of separation from Source.  In comparison, animal consciousness, while less egoic and self-aware, is more spiritual in nature as the animals are more connected to each other and Source energy.

Animal souls come to the earth plane with a specific agenda. As per all souls, they want to experience life in physical form; and what could be a more beautiful place to do so than planet earth? Animal souls come to earth in groups, meaning that they have a grouped consciousness that is split between other animals. It is possible for animals to develop individual souls as they evolve through their experiences on earth, and break away from their group consciousness. This development involves an increase in empathy, awareness, and individuality; traits that humans have already developed.

Animal souls are specifically interested in developing empathy.  These animal souls often choose to live closely with humans as they are able to practice their skills of empathy through connection with humans.  There’s a reason why your dog is loyal and is always smiling, or your horse looks at you with those loving eyes – they really are feeling those emotions.  Animals pick up traits from their human friends as we are constantly inspiring them to love.  It could be said that domesticated animals represent a slightly more “developed” animal soul compared to the wild animals who have yet to develop individual souls.

Kevin Richardson and his lion friend share a special connection.

We can learn a lot from our animal counterparts.  Many cultures believe that animals are inferior to humans.  The Balinese believe that dogs are the souls of “bad people” who have been punished for their past life actions, and as a result, are forced to come to earth as a dog.  Dogs in Bali are therefore treated badly, with most left to fend for themselves on the road.  These animal souls who chose to lead such difficult lives are similar to those human souls who choose to live harsh lives in poverty; there are spiritual lessons in relation to loss, fear, and separation that soul wanted to experience through that reality.

It’s important to know that animals are not inferior to humans, as spiritually we are all part of the same consciousness, we are just experiencing life at a different level of energetic vibration.  Animals approach life with more focus than most humans. They are more cemented in the present moment and less distracted by the egotistical concerns that plague humans. For example, do you think a cat sits there riddled with guilt after trying to claw her owner’s eye out because he picked her up in a way she didn’t like?  Of course not, she doesn’t care and probably never did. Or perhaps a wild seagull might hold onto a grudge because one of his friends snatched a piece of cheese bread from under his beak before he did?  Apart from maybe viciously attacking his friend in the moment, the seagull will forget about the dispute almost immediately, moving onto the next part of his day.

For animals, the past and future don’t exist; they are living only out of the present moment. Humans can take note of this wonderful spiritual truth. When we live purely from the present moment, the past no longer has a hold on us, and the future is merely a dream. Neither exists, and animals know this. Humans spend far too much time dwelling over things from their past that they cannot change, or worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. The only moment that truly exists is the present.

Animals are here on earth as our allies, here to help us evolve into the best version of ourselves, and of course for us to help them evolve too.  Animal souls are aware of the loneliness a lot of humans experience while on earth.  For example, a person walking through the woods or along a quiet beach at night might be engulfed in a feeling of aloneness.  Animals do not feel this because they are always connected with each other.  Once humans embrace the spiritual truth that we are connected to everyone and everything, we will no longer be brought down with low vibrational feelings of loneliness.  After all, it’s impossible to be alone in a world where you are connected to everything.

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