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If the heart is so strong, why is it so easily broken?

If the heart is so strong, then why is it so easily broken?  The heart is strong, and by breaking your heart, you are opening your heart.

This is how the heart grows stronger.  It’s like exercising a muscle, similar to how bodybuilders exercise their muscles at the gym. When you exercise your muscles you are breaking them down and stretching them so that they grow back stronger and bigger.  Your heart works in the same way.  You need to feel the stretch in your heart and allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with both love and heartbreak in order for it to open and grow stronger.

Remember when you were growing up and you had growing pain?  Heartache is exactly the same, only it’s the ache of your heart growing, rather than your body.

If you don’t allow your heart to experience heartache then how will you know what it is like to experience great love?  The world is made up of polarities for this exact purpose of experiencing and understanding each completely.  For example, in order to know what it is to be tall, you must know what it is to be short.  In order to know up, you must know down.  You must know left to know right.  You must know light to know dark.  And you must know what it is like to feel great pain, in order to recognise and feel great love.

So if you are currently struggling with a broken heart and feel like your world is crumbling around you, know that you will be okay.  This experience is helping you grow, and if you don’t see that now, simply sit with the emotions for a while and accept them within your being. Cry the tears you need to cry, and then love yourself for doing so.  Say to yourself, “I love myself in the midst of this pain, I love myself right now.”  Unhappiness comes from a resistance to what is happening now.  When you accept your current situation fully and realise that you will be okay in the end, you will be okay.

Remember, everything comes to an end eventually, even heartbreak.  Nothing in this world is designed to break you, especially not a broken heart.

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